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  1. The Metal is an ideal digital currency to include people who are unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency industry and prefer to stay away from it.
  2. The coin, which pays 5% MTL token to all shoppers using its mobile app, is very attractive in this respect.
  3. So much so that anyone who pays over $ 100 to workplaces that accept payment with MTL, which is more common throughout the United States, can get back $ 5 as an MTL token.
  4. In the meantime, MTL'den MTL account up to 20 thousand dollars can be sent to pay without Commission. The total number of Metal Coin wallets coins to be produced is 66.6 million.
  5. Currently in the alpha phase of the development process, metal is known to have been actively trading since 2016. The CEO of the company is a man named Marshall Hayner.

The Metal can serve as a bridge to Bitoin or access existing cryptoparas. Many small businesses around the world prefer to accept cash only. But in an increasingly cash-free society, refusing to accept digital and card payments can be problematic.

What is coin shortly: Put simply, he believes that cash-only businesses can benefit by adopting cryptocurrency in a new form of cash, especially since metal crystal currencies have the same characte cryptocurrency exchange , ristics around privacy, censorship resistance and irrationality. To bring digital payments to a world that uses blockchain-based technology over traditional banking rails, Metal expects consumers to save 4-5% on all purchases.

How to Buy Metal Coin?

To buy coins; Binance, Bithumb, Bittrex, Huobi, Kyber, Livecoin, Tidex and IDEX mainly foreign exchanges. In addition to sending money from person to person, it is also possible to exchange MTL with other currencies or to pay member establishments.